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Advancing Breakthroughs in Nanoscience

The Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI) at Caltech is an intellectual hub and facilitator of groundbreaking research at the nano-scale, ranging from electronics and photonics, to quantum matter and technology, to medical and bio-engineering, to additive manufacturing and sustainability.

KNI Laboratory

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The KNI Laboratory is a 7,500 sq ft multi-user nanofabrication and characterization facility, which serves as the nexus from which world-class research is conducted. A core mission of the KNI is to push the state of the art beyond what is currently possible in nanofabrication. To this end, the KNI has strategically acquired instrumentation with advanced nanofabrication capabilities for its multi-user cleanrooms and labs. Managed by dedicated technical staff, the KNI Laboratory is available for use by researchers at Caltech and throughout academia, government and industry.

Affiliated Faculty

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