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KNI Videos

Videos from the KNI

"Great Lengths"

"Sculpting Science"

Sampling of Recorded Lectures/Seminars

Mohammad Mirhosseini, "Wiring the Quantum Future"
Chad Mirkin, "Colloidal Crystal Engineering with DNA"
Zhenan Bao, "Skin-Inspired Organic Electronics"
Peter F. Green, "Transitioning to a Future Low Carbon Energy System"
Ellis Meng, "Polymer-based Microfabricated Implants"
Wei Gao, "Telemedicine Biosensors for Personalized Healthcare"
Michal Lipson, "The Revolution of Silicon Photonics"
Paul McEuen, "Microscopic Robots?"
Visit the KNI YouTube page to see the complete list of seminars, lectures, and lab videos.