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Located at the California Institute of Technology, the KAVLI NANOSCIENCE INSTITUTE emphasizes nano-scale research in frontiers of quantum matter and technology, medical and bio-engineering, and sustainability.

A core mission of the KNI is to push the state-of-the-art beyond current capabilities in nanofabrication. To this end, the KNI has pursued aggressive acquisition of strategic instrumentation for advanced nanofabrication capabilities. Our multi-user laboratories and cleanrooms for nanostructure synthesis, fabrication, and characterization are available to users from both academia and industry. Click here for more background and history.

In the News

The Future of Nanoscience
Nai-Chang YehKNI Co-Director Nai-Chang Yeh recently participated in a roundtable discussion on the future of nanoscience: what makes the nanoscale so important, the field's grand challenges, safety challenges and thoughts on funding, training and the future. [Read more] 1-20-15

Inventiveness Recognized
KNI Board member Axel Scherer was recently elected to the National Academy of Inventors (NAI). NAI Fellows are named inventors on U.S. patents and were each nominated by their peers for their contributions to innovation. Holding more than 100 patents in the area of nanofabrication and device design, Scherer has most recently developed ways to integrate optics, electronics, and fluidics into sensor systems. Much of his work is currently focused on systems for medical diagnosis and health monitoring through molecular pathology and wireless implants. Over the past decades, technology from his group has been commercialized through several start-up ventures in telecommunications and health care devices. Scherer joins Frances Arnold, David Baltimore, Carver Mead, Morteza Gharib and Robert H. Grubbs as Caltech's cohort of NAI Fellows. 1-20-15

Curious Stardust
Jiang LiJiang Li joined other scientists supported by the Kavli Foundation for a workshop at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. The result is a new science blog: Curious Stardust. Li is currently a KNI Prize Postdoctoral Fellow in the Vahala group at Caltech. 12-10-14

2014 Kavli Prize laureates announced

Watch the webcast and learn more about the laureates here.

KNI-MDL Seminar Series
Join us on Tuesday, February 3, at 4 pm in 125 Steele Lab, for our next seminar with an informal reception to follow. MCE grad student, Ryan Hurley will present a talk on "Regolith-Plume Interaction: An Engineering Challenge for Exploration". Aron Wolf from the Guidance and Control Section at JPL will speak on "Technologies for Next Generation Entry, Descent and Landing (EDL)". The Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI) at Caltech and the Microdevices Laboratory (MDL) at JPL co-host the KNI-MDL Seminar series, featuring talks on current research at each facility. 1-27-15

KNI Enables Major Research Achievements

Two of the fourteen research highlights featured in 14 for 2014: The Year in Research News at Caltech were facilitated by the Kavli Nanoscience Institute. A five-year effort by researchers in Amnon Yariv's lab resulted in A New Laser for a Faster Internet. The new laser includes a layer of silicon, which does not absorb light—a quality that is important for laser purity. The lasers were fabricated at the KNI Cleanroom facility.

Research from Keith Schwab's Lab was also featured. Members of the Schwab Group found a way to make measurements that go beyond the limits imposed by quantum physics by Tricking the Uncertainty Principle. The researchers developed a  mechanical device that is a tiny square of aluminum—only 40 microns long, or about the diameter of a hair. The device was fabricated at the KNI, of which Schwab is a Co-Director.

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Moore Foundation         Kavli Foundation
Enabled by generous gifts from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Kavli Foundation, the California Institute of Technology has embarked upon an initiative to support a long-term program of innovative research at the frontiers of nanoscale science and engineering.

The KNI is located in Steele Laboratory
kni@caltech.edu | 626.395.1547
1200 East California Boulevard, 107-81, Pasadena, CA USA 91125
KNI at Caltech