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Located at the California Institute of Technology, the KAVLI NANOSCIENCE INSTITUTE emphasizes nano-scale research in frontiers of quantum matter and technology, medical and bio-engineering, and sustainability.

A core mission of the KNI is to push the state-of-the-art beyond current capabilities in nanofabrication. To this end, the KNI has pursued aggressive acquisition of strategic instrumentation for advanced nanofabrication capabilities. Our multi-user laboratories and cleanrooms for nanostructure synthesis, fabrication, and characterization are available to users from both academia and industry. Click here for more background and history.

In the News

Credit: Paul W.K. Rothemund/Caltech Paul W.K. Rothemund, Caltech

A Decade of DNA Origami
On March 14-16, the Division of Engineering and Applied Science will hold a symposium "Ten Years of DNA Origami" to honor KNI-affiliated Faculty member Paul Rothemund for his contribution to the field, survey the spectrum of research it has inspired, and to take a look to the future.

High-Fidelity "Brain-Computer" Interface
Michael Roukes, KNI Board member, contributed to an article about the high-fidelity brain-computer interface that the government is hoping to develop as part of the BRAIN initiative. Is the timeline "DARPA Crazy"? [Read more] 2-29-16

Counting Molecules with a Cell Phone
Researchers in the lab of KNI affiliated faculty member Rustem Ismagilov are inventing new technologies to help bring emerging diagnostic capabilities out of the laboratories and to the point of care. [Read more] 2-29-16

Helping the Search for Habitable Exoplanets
Promising new calibration tools, nicknamed "optical rulers", not previously deployed for astronomy, are now showing promise thanks to a collaboration between Kerry Vahala's group and researchers at JPL and NIST. [Read more] 2-29-16

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The KNI is located in Steele Laboratory
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