KNI Distinguished Seminar Series

The Kavli Nanoscience Institute’s Distinguished Seminar Series is a monthly series where eminent scientists and thinkers from various backgrounds in nanoscience and nanotechnology are invited to Caltech to share their expertise with the KNI community. Seminars consist of a one-hour presentation, followed by a Q&A and light reception. Invited speakers have the opportunity to spend additional time at Caltech to meet with fellow researchers and further engage in the exchange of ideas, knowledge and campus enrichment.

Scopes of the seminar presentations range from: recent outstanding scientific highlights/technological advancements, to innovative early-stage research developments, to broader cross-disciplinary topics that are relevant to KNI members. Each seminar is recorded and made available to the public via the KNI YouTube page.

2019-2020 Seminar Schedule

October 29, 2019

Dr. Amir Safavi-Naeini

Stanford University

"Lithium Niobate Quantum Hardware"


November 12, 2019

Dr. Hong Tang

Yale University

Talk Title TBD

Previous Seminars

Dr. Stephen Quake, Stanford University; Chan Zuckerberg BioHub

"The Cell is a Bag of RNA"

Watch the full seminar recording here.


Dr. Marko Loncar, Harvard University

"New Opportunities with Old Optical Materials"

Watch the full seminar recording here.


Dr. Jonathan Simon, University of Chicago

"Making Matter from Light: Mott Insulators and Topological Fluids"

Watch the full seminar recording here.


Dr. Nathalie de Leon, Princeton University

"Engineering Coherent Defects in Diamond"

Watch the full seminar recording here.


Dr. Michal Lipson, Columbia University

"The Revolution of Silicon Photonics"

Watch the full seminar recording here.