Gordon Research Conference: Mechanical Systems in the Quantum Regime

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2020 Gordon Research Conference on Mechanical Systems in the Quantum Regime

Gordon Research Conference: Mechanical Systems in the Quantum Regime

June 21 - 26, 2020

Ventura, CA

The quantum behavior of mechanical excitations across many orders of magnitude in length and mass scales has become an exciting branch of quantum science. Today, researchers are formulating experiments that will harness mechanical excitations and phonons in an increasing range of precision measurements, quantum devices, and tests of fundamental physics. This meeting will bring together scientists to discuss the latest experimental and theoretical work on mechanical systems in the quantum regime through lectures and poster sessions. Scientists from a diverse set of fields will present advances in using mesoscopic mechanical devices for quantum information processing and transduction, continuum optomechanics, and fundamental tests with phonons; and elucidate connections to large-scale optical and atomic interferometers and associated fundamental physical measurements.

The Kavli Nanoscience Institute is a proud sponsor of the 2020 Gordon Research Conference and Seminar on "Mechanical Systems in the Quantum Regime".

For full details, including application deadlines, please visit the official event website: https://www.grc.org/mechanical-systems-in-the-quantum-regime-conference/2020/