"The Power of Quantum Materials" with Nai-Chang Yeh

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Professor Yeh will discuss the design and properties of quantum materials at the Caltech Science Exchange on May 25.

Nai-Chang Yeh

May 19, 2022

Join us at the next Caltech Science Exchange!

"The Power of Quantum Materials" with Prof. Nai-Chang Yeh

Wednesday, May 25 @ 11 am PT

Register: https://caltech.zoom.us/.../301.../WN_16zRl-0VSZSwj1QdmBYkRg

Electronics continue to shrink in size to grow in capability, speed, and efficiency. The devices that power society now rely on components engineered at the nanoscale. At such small scales, quantum effects begin to take over, exerting a powerful influence on how materials work. Industry professionals turn to physicists for answers about these seemingly confounding but critically important effects. In this event, experimental physicist Nai-Chang Yeh will share insights on what quantum materials are and why we can expect them in all our future technologies.

Thomas W. Hogan Professor of Physics Nai-Chang Yeh will converse with Ann Motrunich, Lead Writer, Office of Strategic Communications at this event on May 25.

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