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The call for proposals for the inaugural KNI FAST Prize is now open. Learn more about this small-scale research award for Caltech faculty & KNI staff collaboration.


October 26, 2021

Kavli Nanoscience Institute's FAST Prize: Faculty Staff Collaborative Project

The KNI is accepting proposals for research projects that pursue a nanoscience- or nanotechnology-related area of investigation. KNI will prioritize proposals that push the current capabilities inside the KNI Laboratory and result in new, tangible advancements for the multi-user facility. The award comes with $15,000 (maximum) to support KNI Lab usage fees and a $10,000 unburdened gift to directly facilitate this research project’s ability to expand techniques within the KNI Lab.

Along with the financial support, the KNI FAST prize includes dedicated collaboration and co-management from KNI technical staff, up to 10% effort (average of 4 hours/week per staff member).

For complete details, visit the program webpage here.