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Large-Scale Integration of Nanosystems

Background Reading


Background Reading

General Nanoscience / Nanotechnology

"Plenty of Room at the Bottom", Richard P. Feynman to the American Physical Society, Pasadena, December 1959

"Plenty of Room, Indeed", Michael Roukes, Scientific American, September 2001 (reprinted in Scientific American’s special issue: "The Edge of Physics", May 2003.)


"The Tiny Toolkit", Catherine Zandonella, Nature 423, 10-12 (1 May 2003)

Nanotechnology Will Transform Biology and Medicine, Institute for Systems Biology

The Nanosystems Biology Alliance and Cancer, Institute for Systems Biology

Microfluidics Is Revolutionizing Biology by Shrinking Test Devices to Lilliputian Dimensions. Linda Marsa, Los Angeles Times, 7 Mar 2004

Caltech researchers devise new microdevice for fluid analysis, Caltech Media Relations

Caltech scientists develop first microscopic system of pumps and valves made from soft materials, Caltech Media Relations

Caltech scientists develop new cell sorter, Caltech Media Relations


Caltech applied physicists invent waveguide to bypass diffraction limits for new optical devices, Caltech Media Relations

Caltech applied physicists create ultrahigh-Q microcavity on a silicon chip, Caltech Media Relations

Caltech scientists demonstrate compact silica laser, Caltech Media Relations

Nanomechanical Systems

Nanoelectromechanical Systems Face the Future, Physics World, February 2001

Physicists observe the quantum of heat flow, Caltech Media Relations

Nanodevice breaks 1-GHz barrier, Caltech Media Relations

Physicists create first nanometer-scale mechanical charge detector, Caltech Media Relations


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