KNI Prize Postdoctoral Fellows

The KNI Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship program has been established to offer scientists, typically within a few years after receipt of the PhD degree, the opportunity to pursue new and innovative research at the frontiers of nanoscience and engineering. The KNI hosts an open competition for these fellowships, with strong preference is given to applicants who propose experimental research in interdisciplinary areas of nanoscience. In the process of applying and developing a research plan, it is encouraged that applicants get in touch with faculty at Caltech with whom they would be interested in working. This appointment is contingent upon completion of all of the requirements for a PhD degree.

The Fellowships are for a two-year duration and come with a small research fund and relocation costs. The next search for this program will be initiated in the fall of 2018. Please check back again then.

For information on our current KNI Prize Postdoctoral Fellows, see here.