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Oskar J. Painter
Nai-Chang Yeh

Harry A. Atwater, Jr.
Julia R. Greer
James R. Heath
Nathan S. Lewis
Michael Roukes
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Keith C. Schwab
Kerry J. Vahala


image Changhuei Yang
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering

B.S. (Electrical Engineering); B.S. (Physics), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997; M.S.(Engineering), 1997; B.S. (Mathematics), 2002; Ph.D., 2001.

phone: 626.395.8922
location: 13 Moore Laboratory
mail code: 136-93

Research Group |

Our research is focused on the development of novel tools that combine optics and microfluidics to tackle diagnostic and measurement problems in biomedicine. The major techniques that are under development in the laboratory include Optofluidic Microscopy (OFM), Turbidity Suppression by Optical Phase Conjugation (TSOPC), and Coherence Domain Probing System. Optofluidic Microscopy is a unique way of scanning objects without lenses, which can greatly reduce the size and the cost of conventional microscopes. TSOPC probes the elastic optical scattering in biological tissues, which has great potential in biomedical applications such as tissue density heterogeneity determination, photodynamic therapy, etc. Our research on Coherence Domain Probing System is seeking to improve the current Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technique for various clinical applications. Read more...



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