Yang and Faraon Groups Join Forces to Create a More Reliable & Predictable Light-Scattering Material

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Grad student collaboration from the tennis courts to the lab leads to a surprising discovery in microscopy.


February 28, 2018

EAS Graduate students Mooseok Jang (Yang research group) and Yu Horie (Faraon research group) unwittingly forged a new research collaboration when they met up for a tennis match on campus. During the game, Jang described a major hurdle he was facing at the time regarding his attempts to construct a new microscopy technology. Over the course of their conversation, it became apparent to the two friends that together, their expertise could be combined to help solve Jang's problem.

Horie's field of research concentrated on metasurfaces and the ability to engineer their electromagnetic properties via tiny silicon nitride nanoposts -- essentially manipulating light in very precise ways. Jang was focused on building a microscopy technology that utilized the scattering of light to improve both its resolution and field of view. Jang's frustration stemmed from the excessively long characterization and measurement processes to get the data he needed. With Horie's help Jang was able to use a new medium -- the metasurfaces -- for his technology.

The results from their collaboration were recently published in the Nature Photonics article, "Wavefront shaping with disorder-engineered metasurfaces". The devices were fabricated at the Kavli Nanoscience Institute's cleanroom.

Read further details about Horie and Jang's research project here.