Exploring the Quantum Realm

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Partnering with Stephen Hawking and actress Zoe Saldana, the KNI joins Caltech's IQIM, Trouper Productions and Cinestar Pictures in releasing Quantum is Calling. Directed by Alex Winter, the short film features Saldana and Hawking solving a cryptic riddle when Simon Pegg's cat disappears into the Quantum Realm. The video is designed to stimulate interest and promote education in the emerging scientific field of quantum information theory and quantum computing.

Exploring the Quantum Realm

December 12, 2016

Today’s release is a follow up to “Anyone Can Quantum,” a video featuring Rudd playing Quantum Chess with Hawking that went viral earlier this year thanks to a similar collaboration between Winter’s Trouper Productions and Caltech’s Institute of Quantum Information and MatterQuantum Chess was developed by USC graduate student Chris Cantwell in partnership with Broken Circle Studios.

In the new video, Saldana works desperately to solve the puzzle and retrieve Pegg’s cat, revealing a fascinating, newly discovered property of quantum entanglement, and an opportunity to boldly go where no man or woman has gone before. With contributions from the universes of Star Trek, The Matrix, and Marvel, “Quantum is Calling” is a puzzle-solving adventure unlike anything you’ll ever see.