KNI-Affiliated Faculty Participate in National Quantum Initiatve

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Caltech faculty to participate in large-scale DOE-funded quantum information and technology initiatives


August 29, 2020

The Department of Energy is funding $625M across five centers as part of its National Quantum Initiative, a broad effort to develop transformational quantum information technologies. Of the five centers, four will include participation by Caltech researchers: the Quantum Systems Accelerator led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Q-NEXT, led by Argonne National Laboratory; the Quantum Science Center, led by Oak Ridge National Laboratory; and the Co-design Center for Quantum Advantage, led by Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Former KNI co-director Oskar Painter, the John G Braun Professor of Applied Physics and Physics, will participate in the Q-NEXT center, and Andrei Faraon, professor of applied physics and electrical engineering, will contribute to the Co-design Center for Quantum Advantage.

"The Department [of Energy's] planned investment in QIS Centers represents a long-term, large-scale commitment of U.S. scientific and technological resources to a highly competitive and promising new area of investigation with enormous potential to transform science and technology. 

The aim of the Centers, coupled with DOE’s core research portfolio, is to create the ecosystem needed to foster and facilitate advancement of QIS, with major anticipated benefits for national security, economic competitiveness, and America’s continued leadership in science." (

Learn more about the centers and the Caltech faculty involved in their mission here.

Image credit: Painter Lab