Austin Minnich Receives Presidential Early Career Award

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Professor Austin Minnich is one of three Caltech professors to receive a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

Austin Minnich Receives PECASE Award

July 13, 2019

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics Austin Minnich is a recipient of this year's Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). According to the official website for the White House, PECASE is the "highest honor bestowed by the United States Government to outstanding scientists and engineers who are beginning their independent research careers and who show exceptional promise for leadership in science and technology."

Professor Minnich researches the physics and engineering of nanoscale heat transport. Nanostructured materials have novel thermal properties with applications in energy such as for thermoelectric materials, which convert heat directly to electricity. Minnich uses experimental techniques, including ultrafast optical experiments, to study transport at the length and time scales of the energy carriers themselves. These experiments measure properties of the energy carriers that are lost at macroscopic scales, allowing for a more complete understanding of nanoscale transport physics. Minnich also uses these results to design novel materials and thermal devices, such as more efficient thermoelectric materials and devices for thermal energy storage.

Along with Dr. Minnich, Professor of Planetary Science Heather Knutson and Professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences Thomas Vidick are also Caltech recipients of this year's PECASE award. For more information, please see here.