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Oskar PainterPainter Named Co-Director
KNI Board member Oskar Painter has accepted the position of Co-Director of the KNI. The KNI Board wishes to thank Keith Schwab for his service as Co-Director. Painter joins Nai-Chang Yeh in the KNI's quest to remain at the forefront of nanotechnology research. 4-9-15

Andrei FaraonNSF CAREER Grant
Congratulations to Andrei Faraon on receiving a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grant from the National Science Foundation, which is the NSF's the most prestigious award for junior faculty members. There are currently seven members from the Faraon Group pursuing research in the KNI Cleanroom facility. 4-9-15

Cool Technique
KNI Co-Director Nai-Chang Yeh and co-author David Boyd have released a new study, published in the March 18 journal Nature Communications: "Single-step deposition of high-mobility grapheme at reduced temperatures". Graphene's unique properties, including a tensile strength 200 times stronger than steel and improved electrical mobility, could revolutionize a variety of engineering and scientific fields. [Read more] Photo credit: Lance Hayashida, Caltech 3-18-15

Harry AtwaterAtwater Receives Honor
KNI Board member Harry Atwater was one of six professors from Caltech to be elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), an honor that is among the highest professional distinctions awarded to an engineer. Atwater is the Howard Hughes Professor of Applied Physics and Materials Science and director of the Resnick Sustainability Institute and was cited for his contributions to plasmonics. [Read more] 2-17-15

KNI Nanoscience Colloquium
On Thursday, March 26, at 4 pm in 125 Steele Lab, the KNI will host a special seminar with refreshments to follow. Paul S. Weiss, a distinguished professor of chemistry and biochemistry and of materials science and engineering at UCLA, who is currently the KNI Distinguished Visiting Professor, will talk  about his work on substrate-mediated interactions (perturbed surface electronic structures) and measuring relatively long-range potentials quantitatively: "Surface Interaction Potentials and Dynamics: Quantitative Measurements and Implications". 3-18-15

Nai-Chang YehThe Future of Nanoscience
KNI Co-Director Nai-Chang Yeh recently participated in a roundtable discussion on the future of nanoscience: what makes the nanoscale so important, the field's grand challenges, safety challenges and thoughts on funding, training and the future. [Read more] 1-20-15

Inventiveness Recognized
KNI Board member Axel Scherer was recently elected to the National Academy of Inventors (NAI). NAI Fellows are named inventors on U.S. patents and were each nominated by their peers for their contributions to innovation. Much of his work is currently focused on systems for medical diagnosis and health monitoring through molecular pathology and wireless implants. 1-20-15

KNI Enables Major Research Achievements

Two of the fourteen research highlights featured in 14 for 2014: The Year in Research News at Caltech were facilitated by the Kavli Nanoscience Institute. A five-year effort by researchers in Amnon Yariv's lab resulted in A New Laser for a Faster Internet. The lasers were fabricated at the KNI Cleanroom facility.

Researchers from the Schwab group used the KNI to fabricate a tiny mechanical device that is only 40 microns long, or about the diameter of a hair. This device allowed them to find a way to make measurements that go beyond the limits imposed by quantum physics by [Tricking the Uncertainty Principle] 1-6-15


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