A Space-Saving Spectrometer via Folded Metasurface Optics

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The Faraon group demonstrates a compact spectrometer with a resolution of ~1.2 nm via folded metasurface optics.

Faraon Folded Metasurface Optics

October 31, 2018

In a novel approach to device integration, professor of Applied Physics Andrei Faraon and his research group have introduced the concept of folded metasurface optics, thereby creating a pathway for scaling down traditional metasurfaces. In their recent Nature Communications publication, "Compact folded metasurface spectrometer", researchers demonstrated a compact spectrometer built on a 1-mm thick slab of glass with a volume of 7 cubic mm.

This new device contains three reflective dielectric metasurfaces which have been fabricated onto one side of a substrate that also acts as the propagation space for light. The compact spectrometer features a resolution of ~1.2 nm over a 100-nm bandwidth and resolves more than 80 spectral points from 760-860 nm. With this configuration, the device's volume is 10 times smaller than what has been previously recorded in a similar, unfolded system.

The applications for this kind of development are many, from biomedical devices to interferometers to optical signal processors. Co-authors on the paper are MohammadSadegh Faraji-Dana, Ehsan Arbabi, Amir Arbabi, Seyedeh Mahsa Kamali, Hyounghan Kwon & Andrei Faraon. The fabrication work for the folded metasurfaces took place in The Kavli Nanoscience Institute cleanroom facilities.

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