Caltech and AWS Forge Collaboration on Quantum Computing

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Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) and Caltech researchers are pairing up to tackle the grand challenge of quantum computing.

AWS Center for Quantum Computing

August 11, 2020

Preparation has commenced for constructing what will be the new AWS Center for Quantum Computing across from campus on Holliston Avenue. This exciting project is being driven by Caltech's John G Braun Professor of Applied Physics and Physics and former KNI co-director Oskar Painter and Bren Professor of Theoretical Physics Fernando Brandao.

"The center aims to develop more powerful quantum computing hardware and software, and to identify new applications for quantum technologies. Such technologies have the potential to drive transformative advances in areas such as data security, machine learning, medicine development, and sustainability."

The building is expected to be completed in Spring 2021. Read more details on Caltech's main website here.