Winners of the KNI "Art as Science" Contest

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KNI Lab member Dr. Ceth Parker (JPL) submitted the first place scientific image. Congratulations!

Art as Science Winners

January 28, 2022

Last winter we issued a call for visually appealing scientific images of work that was fabricated or imaged in the KNI Lab. We received several fantastic images from our lab users that captured the beauty -- expected or unexpected -- of their research.

The first place prize was awarded to Dr. Ceth Parker for his piece entitled, "One Small EPS for Bacteria, One Giant Biofilm for Bacterial-Kind". Ceth submitted a colorized scanning electron microscope image of uncoated space suit material (blue) dotted with microorganisms (red) that formed a biofilm (gold) on the suit's surface. A major component of biofilms is their extracellular polymeric substances (EPS).

Ceth is a member of JPL’s Biotechnology and Planetary Protection group, which is charged with preventing microbial contamination of other solar system bodies. By researching various methods and chemistries for coating surfaces, the group aims to limit the growth or presence of baterial and fungal biofilms on space hardware, thereby limiting harmful contamination on space missions. This research was carried out by Dr. Ceth Parker and overseen by his mentor Dr. Kasthuri Venkateswaran.

Steven Wood (Painter group) and Ryoto Sekine and Selina Zhou (Marandi group) were the runners up of the "Art as Science" contest.

Steven's entry captured the fine details of a quantum transducer device which he fabricated in the KNI Lab. Eight layers of electron beam lithography were required to achieve the elements in its sophisticated design.

Ryoto and Selina's vibrant images provided stunning glimpses of their work on lithium niobite electro-optic modulators and waveguides, which are being developed for system-level optical computation, sensing and quantum information processing.

The four winners received gift cards and their images will be printed and displayed in the KNI Laboratory. Congratulations!

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