KNI Alumni Named 2018 Moore Inventor Fellows

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Professors Victor Brar (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Prineha Narang (Harvard University) are named 2018 Moore Inventor Fellows

Victor Brar and Prineha Narang

November 19, 2018

The Moore Foundation recently released the names of its 2018 cohort of Moore Inventor Fellows. These five recipients were chosen for their outstanding passion and acumen in their respective scientific fields that could lead to significant innovation across the globe. Of the five, two are KNI alumni. The prize comes with $825,000 over three years, including $50,000 per year from their home institution, to continue pursuing the development of their inventions.

Victor Brar, currently assistant professor of physics at The University of Wisconsin-Madison, was a KNI Prize Postdoctoral Fellow. Brar was awarded the Moore Fellowship for his work in condensed matter and his invention of "a novel optical metasurface that generates infrared light. This holds the promise of a low-cost and efficient method for chemical sensing and for communication."

Prineha Narang, assistant professor of computational materials science at Harvard University, is a Caltech alumna who conducted research in the KNI cleanroom facility. Narang was selected for the Moore Fellowship for pioneering "new states of matter created when light interacts with materials. Her invention, a tiny quantum sensor, uses a novel and previously unexplored interaction mechanism between light and molecules to sense and identify individual molecules. If successful, this invention could speed the accurate identification of environmental toxins." 

“Gordon Moore had a deep passion for science and invention. It was this purpose and drive that helped fuel the digital revolution and provided part of the rich history of science and invention at the core of Silicon Valley,” said Harvey V. Fineberg, M.D., Ph.D., president of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. “These young inventors show great promise for creating positive outcomes for future generations.”

For more information, please visit the Moore Foundation's website, here.

Congratulations to Pri and Victor on this impressive achievement!