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Jiang LiCurious Stardust
Jiang Li joined other scientists supported by the Kavli Foundation for a workshop at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. The result is a new science blog: Curious Stardust. Li is currently a KNI Prize Postdoctoral Fellow in the Vahala group at Caltech. 12-10-14

An ultra-sensitive needle measures the voltage that is generated while the nanospheres are illuminated. Credit: AMOLF/Tremani - Figure: Artist impression of the plasmo-electric effect
Plasmoelectric Potential
The photovoltaic cells currently being used to turn sunlight into electricity can absorb and use only a small fraction of that light, leaving a significant amount of solar energy untapped. How can that lost energy be harnessed? Members of KNI Board member Harry Atwater’s group, in collaboration with the FOM Institute in Amsterdam, have found a way to absorb and make use of these infrared rays with a structure composed of metal. This work was published in a paper titled, "Plasmoelectric Potentials in Metal Nanostructures." Read more 12-10-14

Happy Holidays from the KNI!

Guy DeRose2015 ALMA President
At their annual meeting in Annapolis, MD, the Association of Laboratory Managers (ALMA) elected KNI’s Associate Director of Technical Operations, Guy DeRose, as their President for 2015.  12-10-14

greer2014 MRS Fall Meeting Speaker

The MRS Awards Committee has selected KNI Board member, Julia Greer, to deliver the Kavli Early Career Lecture-ship in Nanoscience at the 2014 MRS Fall Meeting on November 30. 09-21-14

Yeh2014 Kavli Prize Ceremony
Nai-Chang Yeh, Co-Director of the KNI, shown at an event surrounding the 2014 Kavli Prize ceremony in Norway. Included in the photo is Gunnar Nilsen, nephew of Fred Kavli and member of the Kavli Foundation Board of Directors; and Jackie Hewitt, Director of the Kavli Institute at MIT. Photographer: Glenn Røkeberg 09-07-14 

Ceramics Don't Have To Be Brittle

Researchers in Julia Greer's group have developed a method for constructing new structural materials by taking advantage of the unusual properties that solids can have at the nanometer scale. Read more in the Caltech Media article or the Science article. 09-22-14

atwaterApplied Physics Prize

Harry Atwater, KNI board member and director of the Resnick Sustainability Institute, has been named a recipient of this year's Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics. He has made key contributions to the research area of nanophotonics, the science of light at the nanoscale, in particular, pioneering the use of metallic nanostructures that support optical resonances called surface plasmons, to control light at the nanoscale. Read more. 09-09-14

The Kavli Nanoscience Institute invites applications and nominations for Prize Postdoctoral Fellowships in Nanoscience. This Fellowship Program has been established to offer scientists, typically within a few years after receipt of the Ph.D. degree, the opportunity to pursue new and innovative experimental research at the frontiers of nanoscience and engineering. Learn more… 09-29-14

President Obama Meets 2014 Kavli Prize U.S. Laureates
The American laureates of the 2014 Kavli Prizes were welcomed by President Barack Obama on July 31. The Kavli Prizes recognize scientists for their seminal advances in three research areas: nanoscience, astrophysics, and neuroscience. Read more. 08-01-14

Future Electronics May Depend on Lasers
Researchers in Kerry Vahala's lab have developed a method to stabilize microwave signals in the range of gigahertz, using a pair of laser beams. Read more in the Caltech Media article or the Science article. 07-17-14

Demetriades-Tsafka-Kokkalis Prize Winners
Three researchers from the KNI won prizes this year: Imran Malik, from the Scherer Group, won the prize in Biotechnology; Bradley Lyon, from the Gharib group, and Muhammad Mujeeb-U-Rahman, from the Scherer group, shared the prize in Nanotechnology. The prize for Entrepreneurship was not awarded this year, but in 2013, it was awarded to two KNI researchers:  Aditya Rajagopal, from the Scherer Group, and Guoan Zheng from the Yang Group. Congratulations to these KNI researchers! 06-13-14

Fancy Erector Set?
The elaborate fractal structure shown above is many, many times smaller than that and is certainly not child's play. It is the latest example of what KNI Board member, Julia Greer, professor of materials science and mechanics, calls a fractal nanotruss—nano because the structures are made up of members that are as thin as five nanometers (five billionths of a meter) - Read more 05-28-14

schwab uncertainty

Tricking the Uncertainty Principle?

Keith Schwab discovered a way to make measurements that go beyond the limits imposed by quantum physics. [Caltech Release] [Read Paper] [Podcast] 05-16-14

plasmonic waveguideAnother Piece of the Quantum Computing Puzzle
In a recent paper published in the print version of the journal Nature Photonics, KNI member Jim Fakonas and colleagues from the Atwater group show that waveguides coupled with another quantum particle—the surface plasmon—could become an important piece of the quantum computing puzzle. Read more


It's here!
The KNI's new Kurt Lesker e-beam evaporator has arrived. It should be fully installed by mid-April. We will be sure to let current KNI lab members know when it's ready for use. If you aren't currently a member of the KNI, send an email to kni@caltech.edu to sign up. 03-28-14

Lab SURFing
Pawel Latawiec, formerly with the Scherer Group, is featured in an article about Lab Spaces on page 21 of the Winter 2013 edition of E&S magazine [pdf]. Pawel started doing research in the KNI Cleanroom facility thanks to a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) and then continued with the project during his senior year. He is now a graduate researcher at Harvard University. Check out E&S 03-04-2014

Atomic Force Microscope Now Available in the KNI Cleanroom
The KNI is pleased to announce that the suite of equipment in the cleanroom has been augmented with the acquisition of a Bruker Dimension Icon AFM with ScanAsyst. Read more 02-03-2014

2014 Frontiers of Nano Science and Technology
presented by The KAVLI NANOSCIENCE INSTITUTE at Caltech
January 23-24, 2014 in Beckman Insitute Auditorium
This conference will focus on universal challenges and successes being realized in the nanoscience community in areas of Quantum Matter and Technology, Medical and Bio-Engineering, and Sustainability. Conference information 11-15-2013


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