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Spirals of Light May Lead to Better Electronics
A group of researchers using the KNI facility have created the optical equivalent of Keith Schwaba tuning fork—a device that may pave the way to improvements in high-speedcommunications, navigation, and remote sensing—has been miniaturized to fit on a chip. Read release | Read paper (pdf) 10-04-2013

New Co-Directors named

Nai-Chang Yeh
Keith Schwab
Founding KNI Board member Nai-Chang Yeh, and KNI Board member Keith Schwab have been appointed to serve as the newly endowed Fletcher Jones Foundation Co-Directors of the KNI for a 3-year term. The KNI would like to acknowledge and thank Board member Oskar Painter and Founding Board member Michael Roukes for their service as Co-Directors of the KNI. Read more...

The Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI) and the Microdevices Laboratory (MDL) at JPL are hosting a joint seminar series featuring talks on current research at each facility. The monthly series continues on Monday, November 4, at 4 pm in 125 Steele Lab, with an informal reception to follow. This month's seminar will feature Chris Webster, Director of the MDL Lab at JPL, giving a talk on “Measuring isotope ratios in Martian gases and rocks using tunable laser spectroscopy.” 11-04-2013

Kavli Foundation Endows Another Institute
The Kavli Energy NanoSciences Institute (Kavli ENSI), located at UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab will explore the basic science of how to capture and channel energy on the molecular or nanoscale, with the potential for discovering new ways of generating energy for human use. Read more... 10-04-2013

Made-to-Order Materials

KNI members Dongchan Chan and Lucas Meza from the Greer Group have created nanostructured, hollow ceramic scaffolds, finding that the small building blocks, or unit cells, display remarkable strength and resistance to failure despite being more than 85 percent air. This exciting work is published in this month's Nature Materials 09-10-2013

Quantum Trick Up Their Sleeves

Julia GreerQuantum mechanics tells us that even in a vacuum, all is not completely still. Recently, researchers from the Painter group pulled off the ultimate quantum trick. They engineered a miniature silicon system that produces a type of light that is quieter, e.g., has fewer quantum fluctuations, than what is usually present in a vacuum. To learn why this is important, read their paper in this month's Nature 08-09-2013

Julia Greer Awarded the Nano Letters Young Investigator Lectureship

Julia Greer
KNI Board member Julia R. Greer, Professor of Materials Science and Mechanics, has been chosen as the 2013 awardee for the Nano Letters Young Investigator Lectureship. This award honors the contributions of a young investigator who has made major impacts on the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Greer is also featured in the Member Journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (JOM) special issue on women in materials science and engineering. 07-02-2013

Demetriades-Tsafka-Kokkalis Prize Winners Announced
Two KNI members shared this year's Demetriades-Tsafka-Kokkalis Prize in Entrepreneurship. Aditya Rajagopal from the Scherer Group won for his work on new pathogen detection approaches that are currently being commercialized. Guoan Zheng from the Yang Group won for his work on a number of entrepreneurial efforts including two Caltech startups that are currently commercializing two of his inventions. 07-02-2013

Vahala Appointed Executive Officer for APhMS

Kerry Vahala
Congratulations to KNI Board member, Kerry Vahala, Ted and Ginger Jenkins Professor of Information Science and Technology and Applied Physics and Materials Science, on being named Executive Officer for Applied Physics and Materials Science. 07-02-2013

Solar Power: Is It Time for the Big Push?
Recently, four experts discuss how to move solar technology from the lab to commercial reality. Roundtable discussion led by Harry Atwater. Read more...

Brain Activity Map Project
KNI Co-Director, Michael Roukes to join other scientists in the Brain Activity Map project being rolled out by the Obama administration. This project hopes to develop the technology essential to understanding diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. [Read the NY Times article] 2-18-13


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