Watson Lecture Series: Andrei Faraon, "Flat Metasurface Optics"

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Andrei Faraon KNI-Wheatley Scholar Watson Series Lecture

Watson Lecture Series: Andrei Faraon, "Flat Metasurface Optics"

January 17, 2018

8 PM

Andrei Faraon

Beckman Auditorium


Andrei Faraon

Assistant Professor of Applied Physics and Materials Science

In this special Watson Lecture Series, Andrei Faraon, recipient of the 2016 KNI-Wheatley Scholar program, will discuss his recent research achievements.

"For hundreds of years, most optical elements like lenses and polarizers have been fabricated using carefully polished crystals or pieces of glass and assembled in optical systems such as cameras and microscopes. In this talk, Andrei Faraon will discuss how nanotechnology enables new ways of making optical components using fabrication processes already developed in the semiconductor industry. These nano-patterned structures, named optical metasurfaces, allow for extreme miniaturization of optical systems with applications in consumer electronics and medical devices."

The lecture is free and open to the public.

For more information on the KNI-Wheatley Scholar program, please visit here.

UPDATE: Event has passed. Watch Professor Faraon's recorded lecture here: