KNI Catalyst Awards

KNI Catalyst Award

The Kavli Nanoscience Institute respects the individuals who compose our scientific community. We understand that diversity strengthens teams' abilities to solve complex challenges, and we seek to promote an environment of inclusivity where all persons are welcome and ideas are challenged with equal regard.

Caltech is an extraordinary science and engineering institution that fosters discovery and innovation to some of humanity's biggest mysteries and challenges. In the spirit of the pursuit of growth, understanding and thoughtful expansion, the Kavli Nanoscience has established the KNI Catalyst Awards to honor researchers in the Caltech community who demonstrate efforts to improve our campus environment and/or the broader scientific community.

The KNI Catalyst Awards recognize and highlight individual contributors or small teams who are considered change agents, community leaders, and/or allies to historically marginalized group(s) in STEM.

The KNI Catalyst Award candidates are nominated by their peers or advisors. A formal review committee will select the successful recipients. Awards come with a $1,000 prize to support the honorees’ continued efforts.

Examples of qualifying activities: racial, gender, sexual identity and/or socioeconomic equity; accessibility/inclusion; mentorship, teaching and/or allyship; social justice; and/or community outreach; etc.

Nominee Requirements:

- Hold an active appointment/employment as one of the following: Caltech undergraduate student, graduate student, postdoctoral scholar, research staff, or faculty member

- Involvement in the KNI community, e.g. KNI lab user (active user within the past two years) or KNI-related programs

- Demonstrate concrete plans or are actively involved in building a more equitable, inclusive or diverse environment on campus or in a STEM-related field (e.g. K-12, higher education, scientific organizations, private/for-profit institutions, etc.)

Submit your nominations HERE by Sunday, March 14, 2021. The inaugural KNI Catalyst Award recipients will be named later this Spring.