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Inaugural Symposium

October 25, 2005
Beckman Institute Auditorium

Flyer-annoucement (pdf) available for posting.

Schedule (click on name for abstract)

7:30-8:30 a.m. Breakfast

David Baltimore, Caltech: Welcome
Michael Roukes, Caltech: PMA, EAS, & Director of KNI
"Caltech's KNI: The Big Picture on Small Things"

9:15-10:00 Daniel Rugar, Manager, Nanoscale Sciences, IBM Almaden Research
"Scanning the Nanoscale: Past, Present, & Future"
10:00-10:30 Coffee in the courtyard
10:30-11:15 Ted Hänsch, Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics
"Towards a Quantum Laboratory on Chip"
11:15-12:00 p.m. Steven Block, Stanford
"Progress in Biological Nanoscience, Measured One Molecule at a Time"
12:00-1:15 Box Lunches and Student Posters in the courtyard
1:15-1:20 Dave Rutledge, Caltech, Introduction
1:20-1:50 Jim Heath, Caltech, CCE
"NanoSystems Biology Cancer Center and the KNI"
1:50-2:15 Christina Smolke, Caltech, CCE
"Programmable Molecular Switches and Sensors: Devices for Converting Biochemical Information into Biological Function"
2:15-2:40 Pat Collier, Caltech, CCE
"Molecular Circuitry: Construction and Characterization of Coupled Biomolecular Dynamics"
2:40-3:05 Michael Elowitz, Caltech, BIO
"Slow, Noisy, and Out of Control: Gene Circuits at the Single Cell Level"
3:05-3:30 Coffee in the courtyard
3:30-4:00 Axel Scherer, Caltech, EAS & PMA
"Frontiers and Applications of Nanophotonics at the KNI"
4:00-4:25 Oskar Painter, Caltech, EAS
"Geometry and Scale in Photonics"
4:25-4:50 Erik Winfree, Caltech, EAS
"Algorithmic Self-Assembly of DNA"
4:50-5:20 Bill Goddard, Caltech, CCE & EAS
"Functional Nanoelectronics Devices from First (and Second) Principles"
5:20 Farewell


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