Poster Presenters

Bayer, Travis "From Smart Molecules to Intelligent Cells"

Berglund, Andrew "Tracking-FCS: Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy of one particle in solution"

Chen, Ching-Tzu "Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and the Physics of High-Temperature Superconductivity"

DeIonno, Erica "Synthetic Control of Molecular Switches."

Deshpande, Vikram "Carbon Nanotubes as Ballistic Phonon Channels and Nano-Mechanical Memories"

Dionne, Jennifer "Plasmonic Waveguides: Towards Passive and Active Nanophotonics"

Franck, Christian "Characterization of Domain Walls in BaTiO_3 using Atomic Force (AFM) and Piezo Response Force Microscopy (PFM)"

Imoukhuede, Princess "Fluorescent mGAT1 Constructs for Correct Trafficking and Dimerization"

Li, Mo "Nano-electro-mechanical System Based Micro Gas Analyzer"

Marcus, Josh "Microfluidic Single Cell mRNA Isolation/cDNA Synthesis"

Marshall, Kimberly "Memory in Physisorbed Monolayer Formation: The Influence of a Structural Template"

Maune, Brett "An Optically Triggered Q-switched Photonic Crystal Laser"

Meyer, Michelle "Generating Protein Sequence Diversity Using Computation-Guided Recombination"

Nash, Cody "Novel genes involved in bacterial synthesis of nanocrystalline magnetite"

Schulman, Rebecca "Toward Self-Replication and Evolution of DNA Crystals"

Srinivasan, Kartik "Fiber-coupled, High-Q AlGaAs Microdisks with Embedded Quantum Dots"

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